We drive solutions

Thanks to the IGW brand and heritage, we have over 70 years of experience within a diverse range of applications for the industry. We know our gears and other complex components are located within the heart of the application. Our customers rely on us for a wide variety of products in the drive lines of their critical machinery. 

The customer always comes first. The products we provide have a key functionality in the solutions our customers provide to their markets. Therefore we provide open and transparent processes that result in top-notch products, we continuously improve. As a global player with facilities in North America, Europe, India & China, we can serve our customers worldwide with a short time to market & local assistance.

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The markets we serve

We develop solutions for customers and offer a wide range of products. We are a trusted partner behind our customers’ toughest projects. We have the design insight and manufacturing expertise to meet their challenges and exceed their expectations. Here are some examples of the industry segments we work for:

An all new style for BMT Group

As of this week, you’ll find that the BMT Group has adopted a new house style. A part of that also involves a brand new website for the BMT Group a...

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We do our bit for the environment

In the fight against climate change and the struggle to protect the environment, everyone has a role to play, so does the BMT Group. In our plants ...

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Moving forth, also from home

Over the last year, because of the covid-19 pandemic, people all over the world have had to adapt to a new (temporary) reality. A part of that new ...

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IGW lends a helping hand

As you may know the world is currently dealing with a global computer chip shortage on top of a pandemic. Luckily, there is also good news related ...

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A summer surprise for Oostkamp

We like to show appreciation and recognition to our people. Of course, in times such as these, we can’t do that because of social distancing measur...

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It’s all in the family

We are pleased to announce that as of 15 July 2021, our Indian colleagues of Involute Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have changed their name to IGW India T...

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